Preliminary Budget Planning

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Ok we have been working on our budget for retirement/travel/rving/grandkids etc.

maintenance 50
new fund 150
Insurance 100
Gas 130
Tag Renewal 6
RV maintenance 50
Insurance 100
new fund 150
Gas 450
Propane 50
Camp Gound fees 750
Memberships 20
Cable TV 100
Laundry 20
Tag Renewal 4 1694
Cell Phone
new fund 20
Monthly Bill 110
ipad internet 30
new fund 50
Office Supplies 15
Internet 90
Donations 50
Gifts 50
Dental 70
Doctor 70
Eye/Glasses 30
Prescriptions 30
Stuff 500
Clothes 75
Hair/Nails 45
Groceries 1100
Dining Out 600
Misc Vacations/cruises/air 500
Misc 100
Cable 100
Insurance 70
Taxes 212
Electric 100
HOA 310
Gas 30
Water 45
Household stuff 50
Amazon Prime 8.5
Total with owning a home 6590.5
rent out home furnished $1500 averaged 5060.5

RV Hunting Information

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We spend a long afternoon at Dixie RV in Hammond LA on Saturday. We looked at several RV’s we looked at Allegro’s, Leprechaun’s, Holiday Ramblers. Both being Class A and Class C. We almost walked out the class C. It was a 31 Foot Coachman Leprechaun. We decided we needed to do more research. Our friends told us that if we plan on being on the road a lot we should look at 35 foot or larger. Well….. our budget of around $80,000 and definitely less than $100,000 make that search even tougher. I have to give a shout out to Mark Gotham at Dixie RV, he did a great job of educating us (in the rain). Chuck even got an opportunity to drive the Class A to see how it handles. He said he was extremely surprised how easy it drove. I think we have decided against pulling a trailer, we like the idea of not having to have to pull over to get something out of the RV. The thought of being able to make a cup of coffee while going down the road is very appealing.

We continued our research on Sunday and we are really drawn towards the Jayco Precept 35UN. (any feedback?) Seems like that model floorplan will work best for us.

RV Hunting

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We just started our search for an RV. We have decided (at the moment) to get an RV, travel around the US for a few years. We want to add in some trips overseas etc. We have put one of our rental houses up for sale and once it sells we will use those funds to purchase an RV. This will allow us the opportunity to travel to Florida to see friends and family and go see the Grandbabies. Travel will be much nicer this way and hopefully more affordable. I have been researching what type of RV we think we’d like.

Diesel, Class A, 30-38 foot, King Bed and a w/d if possible with a budget of less than $80,000.

We are extremely excited about this. We know full time RVing will not happen for at least a year worst case two years. We have a few houses to sell in the interim and lots of planning to do. I have read that before you go full time you should take a year to research, plan, budget etc. Any of you do this full time?


Research Research Research

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Ok, Since our retirement date is in the future but hopefully not to far, I have been doing research. First where do we want to go? How do we get there? I have been taking a class through regarding air miles. It is a long class but very informative. I am learning how to use miles to get us on our “long hauls” meaning from the states to Asia or Europe. Once over there we will travel with in that region until we are ready to return to the states for a break. I have also been searching Airbnb and VRBO for rentals abroad. It is less expensive renting an apartment or home for an entire month verses a hotel room.

One of the reason’s a started this blog is because there are so many “travel bloggers” and “retirement blogs” that did not have the information we were looking for. We need hard numbers not just we sold our home and are traveling around the world! I want to know what it costs, what you did and how you did it. All those blogs were so vague. Some of the bloggers I found out were paid to go on the trips and write about it. That is fine and all but it did not answer my questions, how did you do it, what were your expenses and how was it?

The old saying…”What is your number?” works for me. What is your number? We are not sure yet either. In doing the research as of today now… We will have $1800 in rental income, $2000 in military retirement and the balance will be interest off our savings. We (at this point) feel if we can keep our VRBO and Airbnb homes as cheap as possible but a nice place to live under $2000 we can live on the rest. I have found going to Spain, Asia and Ecuador we can rent for less than $1000 a month which would allow us to pack the other $1000 away so when we go to Canada, Paris and Australia we can use up to $3000 a month. How we figure that number is in our current home, there is the mortgage, insurance, taxes, water, electric, cable, trash/sewer, gas and cable/internet bills. Buy getting rid of our home and renting, all of those items are included.

So to start our research that is where we are at. More next time!


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The word Nomad threw me for a loop several years ago. I was applying for a new job at an apartment complex and the regional manager said “I’d love to hire you but your nomadic lifestyle scares me.” I was like what? Nomadic lifestyle?? Me?? Yes my hubby was in the military at the time but I never considered that we were living a nomadic lifestyle. I was actually insulted! I felt like she was calling me a bad name. A nomad. Sounded like a caveman. That was almost 20 years ago. Yes, I guess we have been living a nomadic life since we were married. Having lived in 9 different states and we have moved over 30 times sometimes in the same city. I guess we have lived a nomadic life. I like to think of it as an adventurous lifestyle. We have friends all over the world. My Facebook page is filled with friends and acquaintances from all four corners. While we were Navy for 20 years our boys got to see lots of place and also meet lots of people. Our older son somehow got the Nomad gene and lives now in Chiang Mai Thailand. We are excited about visiting him. Our other son got the I am fed up with all this running around, and he married and quickly made a large family of 7!

I decided to start this blog because we are on the brink of retirement! Yes I said it. Although we are not thinking of joining an over 55 neighborhood we are thinking of continuing our nomad lifestyle. Our first venture will be going to Chiang Mai. We are planning several months over there. From there… we will figure it out. We are researching places we can stay for months on end and then move on. Although we have been moving around for the last 34 years we have decided we are just beginning!